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Hi guys!!!

I Hope you all are doing really well and I hope you all had a really nice weekend as well.

Today I am here to review some of the amazing product of ivatherm!

At first, I want to say my warmest congratulations on launching ivatherms amazing range of products in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦


Rucsandra Hurezeanu has always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics, ever since her mother, a pharmacist was preparing her own creams in her pharmacy lab.

After studying medicine and getting a PHD in medical science, she was attracted to the business environment. She received her MBA at ESCP in France and an EMBA at ASSEBUS in Romania, while working in the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years.

In 2005 she created Ivatherm, the first Romanian dermo-cosmetic brand, using Herculane Thermal Water that she discovered to have powerful anti-inflamatory properties for the skin.


Her meeting with Alain Fructus, the famous French cosmetologist, gave birth to the key concept of the Ivatherm brand: the marriage of tradition and innovation, in the form of Herculane Thermal Spring Water from Europe’s oldest hot spring, and the latest active skin care ingredients.

The products are formulated and manufactured in France, in collaboration with dermo-cosmetics French experts. They combine unique soothing and anti-irritant qualities of Herculane Thermal Water with innovative active ingredients.

We help to treat common skin conditions, such as acnee, atopy, rosaceea, sebhoreic dermatitis, intolerant and reactive skin, etc.


Ivatherm is one of the first 5 players on the local dermo-cosmetic market and has an international presence in 15 countries,
in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Rucsandra Hurezeanu received recently several distinctions and awards

Entrepreneur of the Year Award offered by Annual Investments Award in 2011, Champion in Business Award offered by Enterprise Investors, BCR and ZF in 2012, Award for Innovation in Business by Forbes Magazine in 2013, Romanian Brand Award, Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016 offered by the Woman Association, Most Admired Business Woman on the cover magazine Unica in 2017, Award for Business Internationalization offered by Elite Business Woman Association in 2018, Made in Romania for entering in the league of 15 unique companies for the growth of the Romanian economy in 2017, Award for Business Internationalization in 2018, Business Magazin, Award Top 100 Most Powerful Romanian Woman in 2018.

Today she serves as the Vice-President of the Cosmetics Industry Employers Organization in Romania.

Micellar lotion, Cleanses & removes make-up, sensitive skin, face and eyes 250 ml

Gentle cleanser for face, eyes and lips, made with a new technology – micelles, which cleans, soothes and refreshes even the most sensitive skin or skin with major difficulties: seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, dry or mature skin. Excellent ocular tolerance. Successfully replaces the classic cleanser, and toner. Removes even waterproof make-up.

IVAHIDRA+ Hydrating face cream, sensitive, dry and very dry skin 40 ml

Powerful moisturizing cream for sensitive, dry and very dry skin. Provides deep, immediate and long term hydration, restoring suppleness of the dry or aggressed skin by various factors: constitutional dry skin (xerosis, atopy) or pathologic (ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis), dry skin due to excessive weather (wind, sun, cold) for children and adults. It has a nourishing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.

IVAHIDRA+ Emollient cleansing, sensitive, very dry to atopic skin 250 or 500 ml

Cleans and moisturizes dry, very dry and atopic skin, soothes irritation and itching. Non-detergent formula with high tolerance, enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, it provides daily hygiene of dry and sensitive skin of babies, children and adults, face and body.

IVAHIDRA+ Emollient body cream, sensitive, very dry and atopic skin 200 ml

Repairing and restructuring cream for very dry, atopy-prone sensitive skin. Emollient cream that provides deep, immediate and long term hydration. Nourishing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial intense effect. Soothes discomfort and itching.

Thank you so much ivatherm for collaborating with me and for sending some extraordinary products to review!

Thank you!




Hello everyone!!!

Hope you all doing good!

Two days before, Me and my husband was invited to the soft opening of yauatchariyadh.

Yauatcha restaurant is set to introduce you to the rich and diverse world of Cantonese cuisine!

The most popular Chinese food Abroad with a curated menu by world-renowned chef Stanley Lum Wah Cheok, giving you a taste of the menu’s star dishes.

Thank you Yauatcha Riyadh for the invite!

Its my honour to be part of the preopening event!

Really had a delicious dinner and wounderful time with your team !

The staffs are so kind and humble!

Totally mesmerized by the elegant ambience and the aura of the place!

•officially opening on 9th feb,2020
• Located at AlFaisaliah Mall-Mode,Riyadh.

I must recommend to taste their,

•Signature drink mixology herbal
(Basil leaves,lemon,rose and green apple)

•crispy duck salad

•Three style mushroom

•cheung fun

•mushroom spring roll(black truffle)

•Edamame truffle dumpling

•wagyu beef puff

•Crispy aromatic duck with pancakes

•At cha
•Ti kuan yin monkey
(Named after the legend of the monkeys who are said to have picked the fonest tea leaves from inaccessible mountain slopes)
•choco mint truffle
(Truffle scented rooibos with chocolate and mint aromas)

At cha

Chocolates and desserts

Thank you


Molten chocolate cafe☕️

Hi everyone!!!

How you all doing???

Molten marshmallow

Today’s review is all about my favourite coffee shop molten chocolate cafe @molten_ksa @moltenchocolatecafearabia ☕️
Molten Chocolate’s unique menu is a heaven for chocolate lovers and dessert junkies!

The menu is extensive with plenty of selections for beverages and desserts such as,

hot chocolate,
Arabic Coffee,
moltenlava cake,
pancakes etc…etc….etc…..🥰

We ordered a molten hot chocolate, molten marshmallow chocolate and a crepe with nuts.

Molten hot chocolate

Prices are about right for the quality and quantity🥰

It is such a delight to the eyes and the tastebuds. I loved the marshmallow chocolate and got chocolate was really smooth and flavorful!
when it comes to crepe I fall in love on that chocolate glaze texture😋
♥️ The inner layer of the crepe is filled with nuts and the top is covered with yummy chocolates🍫

Crepe with nuts

Such a calm cafe with a lovely ambience, The staffs are so kind and humble.

Would definitely like to visit again and try something different!💕

Thanks for reading!!!


The coffee journey!

Hi everyone!!!

Ever wondered why we started drinking coffee? Or how it become a beloved brew all over the world? Well, we’ve got the answers😍

The history of coffee

Legend has it that a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd discovered coffee when his goats became unusually energetic after eating what looked like red cherries. He took the fruit to a holy man, who then made the world’s first coffee. And the rest is history.

Ethiopian Kaffa

As the original home of coffee, it’s no surprise that Ethiopia produces some of the world’s finest. What makes Kaffa special is that it’s harvested from trees growing in the wild – just as it was discovered.

Yemen Mocha

Mocha is one of the first cultivated coffees and is named after the Yemeni port of Mocha, from where it was exported around the world. It’s grown in the mountains near the Red Sea using traditional methods.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

As its name suggests, this coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. High altitude, rich, volcanic soil, low rainfall and dense cloud cover give this coffee a mild flavour and lack of bitterness. 

Hawaiian Kona

Kona can only be cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sunny mornings, overcast afternoons and mild nights create the perfect growing conditions.

When Coffee Meets Culture:

Coffee houses started in Cairo, Mecca and Damascus, where men would gather to socialise and play games. Eventually, they were popping up in Europe and became popular with intellectuals who would discuss Enlightenment ideals and brew revolutions. Today, coffee shops have become a part of everyday life all over the world.

From Bean To Brew

Before becoming a brew, coffee is carefully farmed and delicately roasted. There are different kinds of coffee and different ways to roast them, each of which results in a unique taste and distinct flavour.

Coffee beans are actually the seeds of cherries from a coffee plant. The cherries grow along the stem and take about nine months to mature into bright red coffee cherries. Once ripe and ready, they are hand-picked by coffee farmers, who then extract the beans by either soaking them in water for a few days, or sun drying for a few weeks.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica is the first coffee to ever be cultivated. It accounts for more than 60% of the world’s coffee production and is also the most popular. It has a soft, sweet taste with ideal acidity.  

Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta is more robust in many ways. It has more caffeine and antioxidants, and resists disease better than Arabica. In flavour, it has a lower acidity, with more body and bitterness.

Green Coffee Beans

After harvesting, coffee beans are called ‘green coffee beans’ because of a tinge that develops during drying. At this point, they smell and taste nothing like coffee. They need to be roasted first.

Decaffito Coffee Beans

Instead of removing caffeine from the bean, farmers are breeding new Decaffito plants whose cherries contain no caffeine at all.   

White Coffee Beans

White coffee beans are under-roasted to give the bean a lighter colour and the brew a smoother taste.

Espresso Coffee Beans

You can use any type of coffee to make an espresso, but medium to dark roasts are usually better as they reduce the acidity created during the espresso brewing method.

Ready To Roast

Raw, green beans need to be roasted before they can make a brew. During roasting, the coffee beans expand and change colour. They turn to yellow as they absorb heat; brown as they lose water content; and darker still as they secrete their oils. The longer they roast, the darker they become and the more flavour they release.

Light Roast

A light roast has a mild and toasted grain taste with a light body, pronounced acidity and no oil on the surface of the beans. The lightest roast is called Light Cinnamon.

Medium Roast

A medium roast will have more body and less acidity than a light roast, but also has no oil on the bean surfaces. It’s commonly known as American Roast.

Full Roast

A full roast is dark, full-bodied and with a well-developed aroma. A Full City Roast is strong, whereas a Viennese Roast is rich brown in colour and slightly oily.

High Roast

High roasts are the strongest and their smoky-sweet flavour can also be bitter. French Roast beans are almost black. Italian Roast beans are black, caramelised and oily.

Mix It Up

Coffee blends are created when you combine different types of beans or flavours. You can roast coffee beans with flavours like vanilla or hazelnut, or add flavours during the brew.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

Do share with your friends and family!!


Hi everyone!!!

Things you should know about Tea!

Now let’s start from the difference between the oolong, green, white and black tea!

All four types are coming from one plant the leaves of the shrub(camellia sinensis).

Tea leaves are plucked and then breaks the leaves and releases the flavour.


Black tea is a type of tea which is more oxidized than oolong, white and green tea is generally nice with milk and stronger in flavour than other teas.


Green tea is lightly steamed after it’s rolled ( no oxidized) the flavour is lighter and you don’t drink it with milk.


White tea is the purest and freshest among them all. The leaves are just (air-dried ).so it is very very delicate.


Oolong tea sometimes called blue tea. It is (partly oxidized).so it has come of the strength of the black tea and some of the freshness as green tea.oolong tea tastes best without milk.

I’m the person who likes to drink tea with milk🥰

I’m me know what type of tea lover you are in the comment section below

Thank you!


Ala albaal ( Lebanese restaurant )

Hi everyone !!!

Hope you all doing good,

Yesterday night we went out for dinner to a Lebanese restaurant, actually, we only go to Indian restaurants but for a change we visited a Lebanese restaurant !

The restaurant has both the indoor and outdoor seats for their customers! The place was really cosy and I loved the ambience it’s perfectly suitable for the family!

Actually, this was our second visit to ala albaal!we went for dinner and ordered soup and some mixed kebab as a main course finally we ordered some dessert and drinks!

Dessert:kunafa & creamy caramel dessert !

Drinks:margarita & ala albaal signature cocktail!

My little girl loved their dessert creamy caramel!

And I loved their signature drink ala albaal cocktail!

Fakhieh aquarium(Jeddah)

Dolphin & seal show

  • Aquarium Tour
  • Dolphin Show
  • Swim with Dolphin
  • Retail Shops



SR 78.75 (Price including VAT). 



Show 1: 05:00 PM

Show 2: 06:30 PM

Show 3: 09:00 PM

Show 4: 11:00 PM

Show 5: 01:00 AM


For Dolphin show:

Prices: SR 55 (Under 9 months free)

For aquarium:

Prices: SR 55 (under 2 years free)


Hi my lovely blogger’s!

Hope you all doing good and really had a great new year like me♥️

Thank you so much @loccitaneme for selecting my daughters #wish for nature


This new year I was surprised by loccitane’s gift, it’s totally came as a new year surprise for us😍

Shea butter body care collection !

Shea butter body care collection

The comforting body care shea butter collection in a loccitane’s signature gift box consists of,

.150 ml shea butter hand cream

.355 ml shea shower oil

.100 ml shea ultra rich body cream

.50 g extra gentle milk soap

The actual price of this comforting shea butter collection is 339 SAR, but they are 30% sale on some particular now you can get this comforting shea butter body care collection for 305 SAR😍

Please do check out their website for more information, offers and collections!


Loccitane products are so unique and provincial almond, Burkina Faso shea butter are all ethically sourced!

Deeply nourishing, protecting and soothing!

Comforting shea butter collection is the ultimate winter collection!

Thank you!

Free Instagram shoutout

Hi everyone!!!

Hope you all doing good!!!

I am just planning to give a shoutout on my Instagram page

If you are interested, I’d love to get your take on it and figure out how we can make it something beneficial similar together!

If any one interested please share your Instagram links in the comment below!


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