Calzone with mince recipe

Hi everyone!!!! Calzone is an italian oven baked folded pizza,calzone are typically made from pizza dough that folded in half before cooking to contain a filling with meat,cheese &vegetables. Come lets go into the receipe😀……… The recipe consist of three main steps firstly,we are going to make white sauce secondly,mince filling and finally preparing dough.Continue reading “Calzone with mince recipe”

Relax – u wont have throat infection anymore after having milk/tea/coffee

Get throat infection or sneezing or runny nose after having a cup of milk or coffee or tea? For them here is a remedy Mainly the reason behind is boiling milk as soon as u take off the fridge. Let the milk settle in a open vessel at room temperature for 15minutes ,then boil itContinue reading “Relax – u wont have throat infection anymore after having milk/tea/coffee”

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