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Arabic Language Course – Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University🎓

Hello everyone!!!

Hope you all are doing really well and I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Today I am here to explain to you about the Arabic language speaking course conducting by princess nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) for non-Arabic speakers!

I just come to know about this course by one of my friend raweeha, Masha Allah! she is doing her master’s in PNU!

The course is all about Arabic speaking and the course is totally for non-Arabic speakers! First, you have to contact the university directly or by mail! Stating that you are interested in doing the Arabic language speaking course!

It’s located in station A5 (English Language Institute) inside PNU! Once you enter the A5 Station, the security let you in and guide you the way to institute!you have to go to the building upstairs by the elevator! In that building, the institute is on the third floor!

A5 Station (language institute)


Arabic teaching institute as a second language – Training

Once they have reached out your mail they will guide you about all the course details via mail!

Procedure (level test):

•The university will conduct the placement test for you! (Please don’t get panic about the exam it’s just to see your level in Arabic, how is your language skill in Arabic!

By completing your placement test they will come to know your level at Arabic speaking From that, they will put you in the correct level because 6 levels are there if you are little fluent they will directly put you in level 2 or level 3!


For the placement test, you have to pay 100SAR

Note: The University don’t accept cash! The account details will be sent to you through the mail!

The course consists of 6 levels!

Each level consist of 6 weeks, means weekly 3 classes for 6 weeks! At the last week, means at the end if your 6th week the institute will conduct a final exam for you!

I want to say about my teachers Dr.najla and Dr.saliha at this moment! They are so sweet and kind to all the students, I am very grateful to them!

Because of them i have successfully completed my level 1 Arabic speaking course,and waiting to start my level 2 💕.Insha Allah, Next batch of Arabic speaking course will be start from March 15!

If you are interested in doing this course please fill this form mentioned below👇🏻 or contact the university directly!

Next batch start’s from March 15

The teachers will teach you and guide you to speak in a perfect grammatical way of Arabic!The study materials and the registration card will be issued by the institute on the first day of your class!

The institute will set the time based on what the majority of students wants! Mostly they will give the timing from (9am to 12 pm) and most probably on (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)

About Payment:

•For Placement Test -100SAR

•Level 1 – 1500 SAR

•Each level you have to pay -1500 SAR

Totally 6 levels are there! You can pay the payment at each level!

Note: The University don’t accept cash! The account details will be sent to you through the mail!

•The university only asks for your valid iqama copy and two photocopies of yours!

•All the instructions are given by the @arabicteaching_pnu

After completing these 6 levels you can also join the 2-year Diploma course you have to pay 4500SAR /per semester! which will cost up to 15,000 SAR for (2-years)

Please do share this message with your friends and family or to someone in need!




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4 thoughts on “Arabic Language Course – Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University🎓

  1. Sister, I want some help from you regarding the admission to this respective university as a non saudi undergraduate. I want an admission in this very university in 2021 in the islamic studies course, can you help me in knowing about the scholarships they provide? Could we please mail about this ? That shall be your kindness, 😊😊😊


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