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The kitchen production!

Restaurant Review!

Hello everyone!!

Hope you all doing good and safe!
Today I’m here with an amazing food review
They have send me some sandwiches which are really delicious, fresh hygienic and healthy with an excellent packaging!
If you are a breakfast person I am sure you will definitely love visiting them!
They have a wonderful menu of Breakfast, salads, cold &hot appetizers,sandwiches , main course,soups,grilled platters, beverages,Desserts etc with a reasonable price!

In the frame:

Kofta with cherry
Pesto chicken
Koko chicken
Tandoori Tawouk

My Little one loved the Kofta with a cherry sandwich!
She loved the cherry in it with a sour taste😋
My favorite one was pesto chicken!

You will definitely order again if you taste it for once!

They also have take away option!

You can order via @hungerstation
For more mouth-watering & tempting food, pics

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