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Hi everyone!!!

Things you should know about Tea!

Now let’s start from the difference between the oolong, green, white and black tea!

All four types are coming from one plant the leaves of the shrub(camellia sinensis).

Tea leaves are plucked and then breaks the leaves and releases the flavour.


Black tea is a type of tea which is more oxidized than oolong, white and green tea is generally nice with milk and stronger in flavour than other teas.


Green tea is lightly steamed after it’s rolled ( no oxidized) the flavour is lighter and you don’t drink it with milk.


White tea is the purest and freshest among them all. The leaves are just (air-dried ).so it is very very delicate.


Oolong tea sometimes called blue tea. It is (partly oxidized).so it has come of the strength of the black tea and some of the freshness as green tea.oolong tea tastes best without milk.

I’m the person who likes to drink tea with milk🥰

I’m me know what type of tea lover you are in the comment section below

Thank you!



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19 thoughts on “ABOUT TEA☕️

  1. I am an equal opportunity tea lover – black teas have always been my favorite, but 5 years ago I started drinking green tea. Now (when steeped @ proper temperature) green teas have such a lovely flavor and have quickly become favorites, too. I also make pots and pots of rooibos tea in the evenings – favorites, too! Thank you for sharing the tea joy!! 🌟🍵🌟☕️🌟🍵🌟

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    1. I am a black tea drinker with milk or lemon and an English Baronet able to enjoy white tea at times when i think of it.Tea I grew up with but since living abroad enjoy strong black coffee in mornings and black tea with milk no sugar during mid afternoon as break from gardening.

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  2. My fave is green tea, and definitely my go to. I’d go for white tea if no green tea. Ginger with lemon is also good. There are others I avoid, like chamomile. I’m just not a fan of it in taste, but I do love that it helps others relax/sleep though. I also love to make iced tea from black tea. So tasty. I have been wanting to try a “guyabano” or sour sop infused tea but it’s quite pricey for me. Have you tried?

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  3. “I’m the person who likes to drink tea with milk” SAME HERE! I’m with you on that! I love the green tea with the chai spice. I got it from my sister and it tasted so good! Don’t think I had it with milk though. Thanks much for the sharing the different lists of teas. Hope you’re doing well alongside with the family. ❤ Blessings and more grace to you!


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