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Mother Sparsh

Hello all, hope you are doing good and safe!

Grandma’s Recipe for hair health

Grandma’s recipe of home remedies is everyone’s favorite. A couple of decades ago, people used to prepare hair care essentials at home from Dashamoola, methi seeds, curry leaves and other ayurvedic herbs. But these days when everyone has a busy working lifestyle, it becomes difficult to prepare this mixture at home.

However, Mother Sparsh has come up with Ayurvedic Dashmool Hair Lep that has herbs like Dashmool, methi seeds, curry leaves and all ayurvedic herbs which are good for hair health and controls hair fall.

Steps to use Mother Sparsh Intense Hair Treatment Kit:-



Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil comes with the goodness of age-old Ayurvedic ingredients like Methi, Brahmi, Amla and Haldi. Take Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil and gently massage on the scalp from roots to ends and wrap in a hot towel for around 15-20 minutes.



Dashmool Lep is crafted with herbal extracts of Tulsi, Shikakai, Mulethi and Dashamoola. Create a smooth paste of Mother Sparsh Dashmool Lep mixed with curd or water and apply on your scalp till ends and leave it on for 20-25 minutes.



Cleanse your hair with Jabapushp Hair Cleanser and softly massage to create a rich lather & rinse thoroughly. Since it is made from Japapushpa, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Neem and so much more, it helps in rebuilding the hair shaft & relieves hair problems while adding a lustrous shine to your hair.



Made from authentic ayurvedic oils and herbs, Mother Sparsh Jabapushp Hair Conditioner provides nutrition and hydration to hair roots ensuring healthier, voluminous and luminescent hair. Apply an adequate amount of it on damp hair, starting from mid-length and down to the ends for 2-4 minutes and wash with water.

Get shiny and frizz-free hair by using this amazing product by Mother Sparsh.


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I'm a homemaker and a mom of a 4-year-old angel. fashion is my passion 💅💍 and I love ❤️changing my hair👩🏻‍💼 my makeup 💄and it makes me smile🥰 I love Cooking and likes to do a lot of experiment in the kitchen😋

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