Homemade-cellulite remedy

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Cellulite is the biggest skin enemy to many women all over the world, but in the last few this issue started to affect male’s skin too. It affects 85%-98% of the female population. Cellulite can result from a complex combination of factors ranging from hormones to heredity. Luckily, there are many homemade cellulite remedies that can help you in the process of banishing this skin condition. By definition, cellulite or orange peel syndrome is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity. It often occurs on the lower limbs, abdomen and pelvic region, specifically the buttocks. The cellulite may come as a result of the changes in metabolism, diet and exercise habits, sex-specific dimorphic skin architecture, hormonal factors, alteration of connective tissue structure, genetic factors, the microcirculatory system, subtle inflammatory alterations and the extracellular matrix. To get rid of cellulite and get a bikini-ready skin, we’ve gathered 13 homemade cellulite remedies, exercises and juice recipes. The most of these homemade cellulite remedies are based on coffee beans, but they’re mixed with various other ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, brown sugar and etc.

3 Ingredient Coffee and Sugar Scrub

1: Coconut oil

2: Coffee ground

3: Brown sugar.

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