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Terminal Transit Burger

We really enjoyed the airport setup of the restaurant. They mentioned Gate A is for family and Gate B is for singles! There is an auto door while entering through that you can find a check-in area, where you can get the menu card in the form of a boarding pass 🎫 They are maintainingContinue reading “Terminal Transit Burger”

🍒🍓🍑Fruit Custard🍒🍓🍑

Fruit custard is a dessert made by mixing chopped seasonal fruits with chilled cusard sauce. How to make custard without custard powder Custard powder is nothing but corn starch or corn flour with flavoring ingredients added to it. So If you are not accessible to custard powder, you can make your own using corn flourContinue reading “🍒🍓🍑Fruit Custard🍒🍓🍑”