🌹Rose kulfi🌹🍧🍦🍽

Hi everyone!!!

Easy No-Cook Rose Kulfi.

Mix all the ingredients together to make a thick batter and arrange this in an ice cream mold. Garnish with remaining nuts and freeze for 7-8 hours. The no-cook easy kulfi is ready to taste.


Heavy Cream – 275ml

Condensed milk – 3/4cup

Whole milk/2% milk(chilled) – 11/2cup

Rose syrup(Rooh Afza) /rose essence – 1/3cup

Cardamom powder – 1/2tsp(optional)


• In a bowl beat the cream to a creamy consistency with a electric beater or whisher.(no need of peak consistency)

• To this add the condensed milk,milk,rose syrup,essence and cardamom powder.Give it a nice mix.

• Fill it in a kulfi or popsicle mould,cover it with the lid.

• Keep it in the frezeer for atleast 8 hours or overnight or till it becomes firm.

• Remove it from the mold by running under the warm water to loosen the kulfi, serve it immediately.

• If you don’t have popsicle mould  fill it in a condiment cup or paper cup and cover it with a foil after 2 hours of freezing insert the ice cream stick to it and freeze it again.

• The amount of sugar in the condensed milk is enough but if you want add some powdered sugar while mixing.

• Here I used 2% milk and the low fat condensed milk.

• Adding the cardamom powder is purely optional,I didn’t use.

• Coarsely powdered pistachios can be add while mixing for extra taste and texture.

Thank you!!!!

Happy cooking with liba😋😋😋


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